History of art camp
Since our first Summer Camp of Landscape Painters was successful beyond all expectations, and encouraged by these successes, the event organizers, aware of the crucial importance of the events, before the closing of the session, proposed to continue the Colony. With these objectives in mind, they undertook to provide material and spiritual support for artists from the Carpathian Basin countries and other European countries.

So far, we have had 70 artists from 8 countries, who have donated approximately 300 works of art to our collection. They are being held in three collections: one at the Episcopal Palace of Nagyvarad, and two at the DUHR headquarters both in Nagybanya and Felsobanya.

 Twenty of these were exhibited abroad, and about thirty of them at home.

To make our work known we have now released three catalogs.

Let me briefly describe what we have been doing. For about seven years we have been in touch with the old Arts Colony of Szentendre in Hungary - sharing experiences, organizing get-togethers and inviting each other to our Painting Camps.

These camps also play the role of intellectual workshops. Topics being discussed include the History of the Nagybanya Arts Colony, and our goals and responsibilities in preserving the traditions of the Colony. We also discuss art theory and invite major artists such as: Gabor Czako, Judit Boros, Gyorgy Szucs, Gyorgy Sümegi, Laszlo Jurecskó, Gabor Pogany, Balazs Feledy, Katalin Bitter, Otto Mezei, Zoltan Banner, Imre Makovecz, Marcel Jankovics , Gyozo Somogyi and Agoston Véső, to join us.

Originally, we started out at Magyarlapos, where we worked for four years, then, in 2000, we moved to Felsőbányára.

As we move closer in spirit to our esteemed ancestors, we also become closer in a physical sense to Nagybánya, because Felsőbánya is just ten kilometers away from the 'City of Painters'. We keep returning here because Felsőbánya played such an important role in the history of painting in Nagybanya, inspiring many famous painters with its scenic surroundings.

In 2008 we began to include Photographers in our Association. As a direct result of this, we benefited from some exceptional photos of Felsobanya and the surrounding area. These are the works of such talented photographers as: Mihai Grigorescu, Zsóka Kerekes and Zsolt Madarassy. One distinguished fine artist and accomplished photographer to be acknowledged here is Tamas Jean. He is one of the major organizers and financial supporters of our camp. With Ágoston Véső, he has co-authored the bulk of the photographic collection.

To take care of the ever-present financial concerns, which have hampered the functioning of the site from the beginning, Tamas Jean offered his assistance to create the Nagybanya Fine Arts and Cultural Foundation, which now lends efficient and flexible support in carrying on our activities.

Subsequently (2002), this role was taken over by the Nagybanya Fine Arts and Cultural Association.

In addition to those above mentioned, our permanent sponsors are: The City of Nagybanya, Marmaros County Government and the Communitas Foundation. Our foreign donors are: The Illyes Foundation, The Homeland Foundation, the National Cultural Fund and the Academia Humana. Notable among these is the Academia Humana, a Japanese Foundation who have kindly pledged their support for the next ten years, and which, among other things, covered the cost of this website. From the beginning, our Camp has enjoyed the moral and material support of Laszlo Tokes, who is a regular visitor to the Camp. In recent years, as the reputation of 'The Camp' increased, it came to the attention of local supporters such as Istvan Blaskó and Laszlo Schneider. In summary, our accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. They have been noted both at home and abroad. In 2002 we received the Hungarian Heritage Award, and in 2004 the Public Service Award.

Over the past 15 years, we are proud to say that we have not only contributed in the form of our Artistic Creations, but also in the preserving and handing down of a valuable cultural legacy.

We demand quality in all areas of culture, in the belief that true art makes all of us better persons, and brings us closer to 'The Source' of our Creative Inspiration.

True art is also increasingly important in an age of globalization where it has become, a tool for preserving national identities and is contributing to the enrichment of European Culture as a whole.

It is not an every-day occurance in our region that a European-wide cultural movement such as the Nagybanya School of Painting has grasped the admiration of Europe. We, therefore, believe we must strive to do everything in our power to preserve this valuable tradition. You now know what we do. We welcome your support and encouragement in the form of financial donations and or comment.

Sincerely, Ágoston Véső
Láposi tájat vázlatozó művészek, 1997
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
Hollosy nyomdokán, rögtönzött műterem
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
Művészek a Şurdeşti templomnál
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
Bráda Tibor munka közben
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
Pécsi kiállításmegynitó
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
Dunaszerdahelyi megnyitó, 2006
(nagyításhoz kattints a képre)
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